15% increase in expenses for the Few!

Just after Theresa May insulted teachers and other public sector workers by offering them a 1% pay rise, Kent Tory County Councillors have voted themselves a whopping 15% increase in their allowances.

The increase is worth an £1,920 on the basic allowance, but it will also apply to those with so-called special responsibility allowances, including cabinet members who currently get £27,371.

An independent panel that has the job of proposing what councillors should be eligible for, recommend an increase of 1.5%. It seems Tories only listen to pay review panels when it is public sector workers who are being squeezed.

In 2015-16 the bill for allowances paid to all councillors was £1,640,855 but with travel costs added came to £1,767,838.

Labour’s Barry Lewis said:

We got voted in knowing what our allowances would be, who is going to pay? It will be the residents and hard-working families. It is a sham. I will only vote for this if workers get 15%. It is one rule for members and one for workers.”

Labour Cllr Tam Dhesi added:

The only word I can think of is ‘preposterous’ if we vote this through it will be seen as nothing less than having our snouts in the trough.”

There is one rule for the few, and another for the many and Kent County Council has clearly shown it is only interested in helping the few.

One thought on “15% increase in expenses for the Few!

  1. Surely a work-day comparison should be made. Do councillors at this level put in an gruelling 8 hour day, or longer, in the same way NHS or NUT staff do? Do they do shift work or work nights? Who do they think is responsible for inflation? Bank of England or HM’s government?

    Having the sheer gall to vote themselves an inflation-busting raise at this time when the Tory Government with the help of off-shore MPs is enforcing a pay-freeze beggars belief. Y & H


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