Who’d have thought it?

Kensington falls to Labour….could Sevenoaks be next?

As election results go, the Labour result for the Kensington constituency is up there with the greats. As if taking Canterbury wasn’t enough, the voters in Kensington had the audacity (and the good sense) to dump the standing ivory loving Tory, and elect Emma Dent Coad, well known for her work in the area as a Councillor and planning committee member.

This London constituency, home of Kensington Palace, numerous embassies and the HQ of the Daily Mail is well known as a refuge for the rich and famous, but has also more than its fair share of deprivation. Whilst rich investors buy up million pound properties which they never live in, local residents live in underfunded social housing. Many thought voting for Labour here was a wasted vote. But on a turnout of 63% they were proved wrong, overturning a massive 7000 majority to win for Labour.

AND IT COULD HAPPEN HERE! The Sevenoaks constituency has always been regarded as a Tory stronghold, but with many new young voters, a new interest in political ideals and the Tory party in complete disarray, who knows what will happen in Town, County or General elections.


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