Map of proposed master plan for Swanley

A Swanley For the Few!

U+I, the company that own Swanley Town Centre, are publishing their latest  plans to redevelop Swanley Town Centre. This is after withdrawing their original plans, that caused a massive wave of criticism last year.

There are very few changes to the scheme.

  • Originally they planed tower blocks of flats rising to 13 storeys, they have reduced them by two floors. The tallest will be 11 storeys and most will between six to eight floors.
  • They will be providing 303 apartments a portion for sale and the rest for to be commercially rented.
  • They want to increase the range of shops in the centre, attempting to attract big names.
  • They hope to attract a commercial centre and area devoted to community projects.
  • The existing car parks will be replaced by a 338 space multi-storey park topped by rented flats in the 11 floor tower.
  • They state their aim is to make it a pleasant well landscaped area with high quality buildings.

Labour have considered these proposals and have come to the following conclusions.

  • The town Centre needs regeneration, but not of this type.
  • As a country town with by low rise buildings, it does not want the whole character of the Town changed by building tower blocks.
  • In the light of Grenfell are high rise flats the way forward?
  • The housing will be aimed at the high end market with little, if any affordable units, and NO SOCIAL HOUSING
  • The multi-storey car park will hold 338 spaces to for the 303 residents, shoppers, shop workers and visitors. Where is everyone else going to park?
  • Is it safe to build flats above a huge carpark. Has the problems of noise, air pollution and fire safety been considered?
  • It is thought that most residents will commute to London, is the rush hour train capacity sufficient to cope with the increased numbers.
  • U and I say that there will be more shops. The increase will be about 30% hardly a revolution in the town’s shopping provision.
  • The building work will take up to 5 years, to complete. Five years of dust, noise and disruption in our town centre.

The company cannot guarantee that the project will be completed. There is a danger that the money making flats will be completed and the more attractive parts of the project abandoned.

It seems clear U+I plans for Swanley will benefit the few! Swanley & District Labour Party wants a Swanley for the many.

Let us know your views

7 thoughts on “A Swanley For the Few!

  1. Can you let us know if this application has been formerly submitted to Sevenoaks District Planning, if so can we know the planning reference so we can comment direct . Also we need to know the time scale of the consulations and when this is coming before the planning committee at Sevenoaks and at Swanley Town.
    Further it is essential that we know if there are to be any ADDITIONAL parking spaces as all the existing places are being build on.
    This cannot work without additional development on the recreational ground.


  2. Since I posted I received a general letter from the district council informing us of the plan giving residents less than 3 weeks to respond. Disgraceful

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    1. Hi Dee – we have posted an article on our website – a bit rushed but everyone is pushed for time. We are also trying to promote the meeting on Facebook. Hopefully we can get a good turn out. If you would like to write an article on why residents should attend – or anything else you are interested in you would be most welcome. Please email your article to
      Thank you so much for getting in contact and keep in touch.


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