Family with young children around Swanley and District Labour Party Stall in Swanley Town Centre

“Great to see you here.”

Swanley & District Labour Party is keen to work in the community, and help residents with key issues and their individual problems. We will campaign on local as well as national issues throughout the year.

It was decided at the last branch meeting to build upon the tremendous success of the street stall, that we held during the election. We agreed to have a campaign stall on the last Saturday of each month. The stall includes guides on registering to vote, getting a postal vote, joining the Labour Party, Labour Party policies, badges, stickers, books and DVDs, and lots of other stuff!

Our first one was held on Saturday 24th June and it we had a very positive response. After a quiet start and bouts of rain and gusts of wind, which sent our pamphlets flying – (thank goodness for elastic bands) things settled down and we talked to lots of people. It was striking how many NHS workers stopped to express their support and stated that they voted Labour because the Tories are destroying our NHS with continuous cuts and privatisation of core services.

A social worker explained how she had politely told a Conservative canvasser that she could not speak to him because it was breaking her heart what the cuts were doing to social services and how it was impacting on people. Teachers talked about huge classes and struggling to get the basics for their students.

We also had some lively debates with residents who questioned Labour’s policy on education and other key issues. It helped tremendously to have access to the Internet to demonstrate the key facts on a few contentious issues.

There was also a tremendous sympathy for the victims of the Grenfell fire and expressions of solidarity and admiration for the way people had rallied to give support. “Why can’t it be like that all the time?” was one moving comment.

There was tremendous enthusiasm and hope. People stated how pleased they were that Labour had made such good progress. People were saying how they were worried before the result but now they feel that Labour can win.

Several residents asked if we thought it was possible to defeat the sitting Conservative Michael Fallon when he has such a huge majority. We confirmed that we did think it was possible. There is now no safe Tory seat! Swanley & District Labour Party and Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party will be chasing Fallon for each and every vote. Canterbury and Kensington achieved the supposed impossible by electing Labour MPs, and there is no reason why Sevenoaks cannot vote Labour too!

It was smashing to meet Michelle, Richard and their two beautiful young children, and sister Roshan. After an inspiring discussion where talked about how they were committed Labour voters and were really hopeful that Labour would win the next election. They left calling back: “Great to see you here.” It was great to be there as well, and feel that real change is coming, and that is coming soon.

The next street stall is on Saturday 29th July. We will meet outside ASDA in the town centre at 11.00am – 3.00pm. It would be great if you could join us, or come over for a chat and read a leaflet and buy a badge and/or a book. Hope to see you on the 29th!


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