Party made gains in all nations of our country. It was the biggest swing in the vote since 1945. Our policies are popular.

Labour Government Close

It is hard to over state the scale of Labour’s progress in the recent General Election. It was a phenomenal result, and sets on the path to victory at the next election.

In May 2015 Labour looked crushed. Labour was 99 seats behind the Conservatives (331 -232). Labour had been obliterated in Scotland and there seemed no way back. Boundary changes looked set to push Labour even further back. Labour had lost seats in the election and was even further behind in those it needed to win. To achieve a simple majority required and 8.75 per cent swing across the UK.

The General Election in 2017 has seen a remarkable turnaround! Labour gained 30 MPs, including Canterbury and Kensington – considered safe Tory seats.

Labour has also achieved a massive 10% increase in its vote share – from 30% in 2015 to 40% in 2017. This is Labour’s biggest improvement in vote share since 1945. Labour increased its vote by nearly three million. Labour has redrawn the electoral map. Safe Conservative seats have been turned into marginals. A Labour victory at the next election is now within reach! Labour now needs a swing of just 3.57 per cent to achieve a simple majority.

Labour’s resurgence in Scotland where it has gone from one MP to seven has made a Labour victory much more likely. The Conservatives are so fearful of another election they are hesitating over sacking May.

We now need to build the Labour Party into an even bigger mass movement that can challenge the Tories and the rabid right wing media every step of the way.

Jeremy Corbyn has stated on his Facebook page:

Theresa May has to listen to what the people of Britain have said. She does not have an overall majority, never mind the landslide she wanted. She still does not have a mandate.

The Labour Party made gains in all regions and nations of our country. We delivered the biggest swing in the vote to Labour since 1945.

Labour’s policies are popular. We offer real hope. People could see this, and that is why they voted for us. They know only Labour will work for the many.

 This optimism is reflected in one of the first opinion polls carried out after the General Election and puts Labour ahead in the polls:


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