Junior Doctors on Strike at Darent Valley

Labour will rescue the NHS

With 48 hours to go until the General Election the true scale of the secret Tory plan for cuts and closures across the NHS has been revealed by the Health Service Journal.

A report out today reveals new, secret Tory plans to cut back on NHS services. Closing wards, extending waiting times and rationing treatments are all under consideration as part of cutbacks.

Only by electing a Labour Government on Thursday can these plans be stopped.

Labour will bring the NHS back from the brink. We will:

  • Stop the Tory closures plan.
  • Give the NHS the money it needs, investing £37 billion in the next parliament.
  • Legislate for safe staffing levels to improve patient care.
  • Guarantee that every A&E patient in every hospital will be seen within four hours
  • Rebuild hospitals across the country by investing £10 billion in infrastructure and IT equipment
  • Commit to £8bn of extra funding for social care services and a long-term settlement for how the country will care for its elderly

The NHS cannot survive five more years of a Tory government. On June 8 vote Labour for the NHS.

Pensioners will be worse off under the Tories:

  • Tory plans would hit pensioner living standards and dignity in retirement.
  • Pensioners would be hit by the removal of the “Triple Lock” which guarantees the value of the state pension keeps rising.
  • The Tories’ plans for a new “dementia tax” would force older people to pay for care with their homes.
  • The Tories also plan to introduce means testing for Winter Fuel Payments, which is expected to mean around 10 million pensioners lose up to £300 a year to heat their homes.

Labour will stand up for all pensioners. We will:

  • keep Winter Fuel Payments
  • protect the Triple Lock
  • oppose the Tory dementia tax

On June 8 vote Labour for older people’s security and dignity in retirement.

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