Chris Clark and Swanley and District Labour Party members and a street stall in Swanley Town Centre,

Swanley Stall!

Swanley & District Labour Party, along with members and supporters from Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party, had a tremendous day out campaigning in Swanley Town Centre. Labour’s candidate for Sevenoaks, Chris Clark joined them and spent the day talking with residents about why they should vote Labour.

Chris Clark explaining why it is so important to vote Labour in this General election to Swanley residents in Swanley Town Centre

The surge in support for Labour in the opinion polls was reflected in discussions with Swanley voters. People were very concerned about what was happening to the NHS. The number of people who expressed solidarity with the doctors and nursers who were working so hard in such difficult conditions was heart warming.

People were also very impressed with Jeremy Corbyn’s appearances on television and felt that he “really cares about people.” The policies in the Labour manifesto were also very popular and people really liked the idea of bringing the railway network back into public ownership, providing real jobs and apprenticeships, aboliting tution fees,  and building a million new homes.

While some people did not agree with all of Labour’s policies there general agreement that Jeremy Corbyn was a strong leader who kept to his principles and would not allow the media to pressurise him.

Chris and Labour Party supporters came away feeling very hopeful about the election on Thursday. The key will be getting people out to vote. There was a real buzz and a feeling that this Thursday we could elect a Labour Government and begin the exciting project of rebuilding our society.


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