Hextable Hustings!

Chris Clark, Labour’s candidate for Sevenoaks, had an excellent hustings and impressed even Conservatives amongst the audience. First Strike Fallon didn’t turn up, following in the footsteps of the invisble Theresa May.

Chris established a fine rapport with the audience emphasing that Labour was for the many, not the few.

By the halfway mark in the debate, Chris Clark was cruising to a comfortable ‘points’ win over First Strike Fallon’s substitute. The last-minute stand-in was a practicing barrister.

Following the intermission a question querying whether the Tories’ election strategy was just an exercise in ‘re-branding’ was put to the Michael Fallon sub.

The Tory replacement suddenly behaved like a clockwork toy malfunctioning. The Chair had to prohibit all three of the other candidates from responding. Chris did make a reference to the Tory ‘candidate’s’ malfunction on another topic up for debate and from then on it was a breeze. TKO (Technical Knock Out) is the precise term. For the Tory Party this ‘re-branding’ scheme is a sensitive area.

The Tory replacement, game cannon fodder, kept to the Lynton Crosby script and kept robotically mentioning “Theresa May and her Team”.

Don’t even whisper the forbidden word – Conservative, or even worse, Tory-They’re the nasty party, as Theresa May said!


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