Labour members of shadow cabinet and supporters demonstrating to save our nhs,

The futures of the NHS and our schools are at stake in this election.

Labour has today published new research highlighting the threat to our schools and hospitals posed by five more years of the Conservatives.

This new analysis of the Tory threat has shown that, if the current rate of deterioration under the Tories continues, by 2022 our health and education services could be facing huge problems. It could mean:

In a Tory NHS and social care system:

  •  5.5 million people on waiting lists in England, 1.8 million more than at present.
  • Almost 1.5 million older and vulnerable people with unmet social care needs.

In a Tory education system:

  • 650,000 pupils crammed into primary classes of over 30.
  • Families left almost £450 worse off per child as a result of the Tories’ plan to scrap free school meals for 1.7 million children.

The choice at the election is stark. The Tories have no plan to properly fund our public services, pushing them further into crisis. Labour will take a different approach, we will rebuild our public services for the many by modest tax rises for companies and the richest 5 per cent.

Labour will build an NHS and social care system for the many:

  • Labour will invest £37 billion in our NHS and take one million people off the waiting list by the end of the next Parliament.
  • Labour will invest £8 billion in social care over the course of the next Parliament and lay the foundations of a National Care Service to integrate health and social care.

Labour will build an education system for the many:

  • Labour will cap class sizes at 30 for 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds.
  • Labour will provide free school meals to all primary school children by removing VAT exemption on private school fees.

You can read Labour’s research on the Tory threat to our services here: Tory Threat to Our Services

Only Labour will stand up for our NHS and our schools, and improve our public services for the many not the few.

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