Jeremy Corbyn on platform with Labour Supporters and For the Many Banner

The Tories are a threat to pensioners’ living standards

Jeremy Corbyn addressed a rally in Birmingham where he set out the clear choice at this election, between a Labour Party who will build a Britain for the many, and a Conservative Party who stand only for the few.

Pensioners have been betrayed by the Tories’ manifesto, being hit by a triple whammy. Older people stand to lose the pension guarantee in the next parliament, the Winter Fuel Allowance is being hacked away at and the Tory plans could mean millions having to work longer to get their State Pension.

The 2015 Conservative Party Manifesto promised to protect pensioner benefits and ensure that people grow old in comfort and dignity. They broke their promise.

The Tories have failed pensioners:

  • Spending on pensioner benefits is falling in real terms next year.
  • The estimated number of pensioners living in poverty, after housing costs, in 2015/16 was 1.9 million. This is an increase of 300,000 compared with 2010/11.
  • 400,000 fewer older people are receiving state-funded social care, and the number of days patients are stuck in hospital because there is nowhere safe to discharge them has reached a record high in recent months.

Far from addressing the problems they have caused, the Tories now offer only more insecurity for older people.

Their 2017 manifesto contains a triple whammy for pensioners:

  • scrapping the Triple Lock
  • cutting Winter Fuel Payments
  • raising the State Pension age

Theresa May is asking millions of people to work longer only to receive far less generous support in retirement and worse public services.

The Tories are a threat to pensioners’ living standards. Only a Labour Government will stand up for the many.

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