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You can’t trust the Tories

You can’t trust the Tories – they made promises and they quickly broke them. They would do so again.

When Theresa May launches the Tory manifesto she will make her usual promises to the British people, promises about what the Tories will do for families, for the health service, for pensioners, schools and for the country. But, as the Conservatives make their latest solemn pledge there’s one thing we must bear in mind: we’ve been here before.

Theresa May pretends otherwise, but she has been at the heart of the Conservative Government for the last seven years. Theresa May’s personal record is the record of this Conservative Government, one of failure and broken promises.

From the economy to the NHS, and policing to schools, Theresa May’s government has failed again and again to deliver on the pledges they made to the British people.

• They promised economic stability, but they have missed every debt and deficit target they set themselves.

• They promised to raise living standards, but working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off.

• They promised to improve all standards of NHS care, but A&Es are in their worst state on record and hospitals are in financial crisis.

• They promised to protect school spending, but per pupil spending is going down and class sizes are soaring.

If they broke this many promises in just two years, imagine how many they could break with another five.

To read more about the Tories’ record of broken promises and failure, download ‘One Tory Manifesto. Two years of Failure. 50 Broken Promises’, a document produced by the Labour Party Policy and Research Team highlighting Tory broken promises. You can read it here here.

Don’t trust the Tories: they are the party of the few, not the many.

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