Creating an economy that works for all For the many not the few.

Labour will cut household bills by £220 a year

Labour will slash energy, water and post bills through public ownership.

Labour will cut household bills by £220 a year under public ownership of utilities. Households are being ripped off with sky-high bills for energy, water and post to pay out billions of pounds to shareholders.

Labour will fix this broken model which makes ordinary people pay for excessive wealth in the hands of the few by instead bringing our utilities into public ownership for the benefit of the many.

Labour will:

• Make households £220 a year better off under public ownership models for energy and water.

• Cap energy bills, invest in renewable energy and under public ownership bills will fall.

• Bring water companies into public ownership to drive down bills, reduce leaks and end the shareholder racket.

• Compensate for bringing water, parts of the energy sector and Royal Mail into public ownership by exchanging government bonds for shares in the relevant companies.

Under a Labour government, our economy will work for the many, not the few.

Living standards update: Working people are worse off under the Tories

Figures out this morning reveal the Tories’ total failure to improve the living standards of working families.

That cost of living is up again, and inflation is now rising faster than wages. The overall picture is that real wages are lower than they were in 2010.

The choice at this election couldn’t be clearer: either a Tory party presiding over a crisis in living standards or a Labour government that will build a Britain for the many, not the few.

The Tories’ false claims about Labour’s spending plans

Tory claims about Labour’s spending plans are nonsense and yet another attempt to distract from their economic failure.

Labour published its manifesto alongside a costings document, which sets out, with unprecedented clarity, our fully funded spending commitments.

We won’t be taking any lessons from the Tories who have failed on every fiscal target they have set themselves and who, less than six months ago, delivered a budget with an as yet unfunded £2.06bn black hole arising from their U-turn on their proposed tax rises on low and middle income self-employed people.

Rather than wasting their time producing false claims like this, the Tories should commit to the same level of clarity when it comes to their turn.

Don’t trust the Tories: they are the party of the few, not the many.

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