Graphs showing 34% of people did not vote in the last election, more than any single party achieved. If these people voted it could change everything.

General Election

The Tories have called a snap, cut and run election to ambush Labour and the British people. In the last election 34% of the electorate did not vote. More people did not vote than voted for any single party. The Tories got less that 24% of the total electorate. Let’s be clear – not voting is a vote for the Tories and lets them into power. We have a real choice, a real alternative. Let’s make the right one for the many, for our children, for the country.

Make sure you are registered to vote. It takes five minutes! Just have your national insurance number at hand. You can register here: Register to vote

Remember not voting, is a Tory vote.

Deadline to register for 22nd May. Deadline to apply for postal vote is 5pm 23rd May.

Let's make June the end of May

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