Saving Our Kentish Environment

Labour believes that addressing our environmental challenges is a matter of fundamental social justice. Building a more equal society means tackling climate change and protecting nature. Kent Labour recognises that we cannot divide those two objectives. 2016 was the hottest year on record and the annual threat of flooding has increased. Globally we must act to prevent the rise in seal levels, desertification and poverty.

Labour will increase the use of renewable energy, stimulating local employment. We will encourage new build to be eco-friendly, with solar and renewable energy to keep costs down on all new developments and where possible on KCC property. Labour supports investment that reduces the carbon footprint public and private buildings. Labour will press for the construction of sustainable low cost housing.

Economic growth and Environmental sustainability are complementary not choices. New environmentally sustainable technologies will create higher value and more sustainable jobs, give the level of appropriate of innovative investment.

The country needs radical reform in the way that energy is produced and marketed. Too many households are in fuel poverty while six companies control the market and put profit before human need.

Kent Labour supports the emergence of more local energy companies run on a co-operative basis.

The natural environment of Kent is something we are all proud of.

    • Kent has great diversity and richness in its natural landscapes and history. This diversity and richness needs to be conserved for the benefit of all the county’s residents and visitors.


    • Labour opposes fracking and related energy extraction. Fracking risks polluting Kent’s limited water supplies which put not just our own health at risk but also risks damaging Kent’s agriculture and tourism. Labour will actively seek to attract manufacturers of alternative energy and insulation to the county.


    • The quality of the air we breathe affects our health and the growth of educational attainment of our children. Labour will demand closer monitoring of air pollution and action in hotspots, including improved traffic management.


    • Labour will encourage cycling as an alternative to car travel by improving the quality of existing cycle ways and introducing more routes. Labour will also support the creation of more vehicle charging points across the country in order to encourage greater use of electric and hybrid cars.


    • Kent’s country parks provide access to the best of the county’s countryside. Under the Conservatives, for our country parks have increased rapidly. Labour will freeze access charges and will seek to increase the acreage of our county parks. The county’s built heritage is just as vital to people’s well-being as the countryside, and Labour will work with partners to enhance and promote our historic buildings and conservation areas as well as other historic features which are not specifically protected.


Kent County Council Election Thursday 4th May 2017

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