Friends of the Earth Air Pollution Kit.

Dartford Crossing Cover Up

This week’s BBC News revelation pointed out that the Dartford Crossing, one of the worst places in Kent for air pollution, has been designated a rural road and so wasn’t being correctly monitored.

Labour in Kent are committed to acting on environmental issues, with life-threatening air pollution one of the most significant areas that needs changing. In Sevenoaks Constituency we have hot spots at:

  • Brasted,
  • Farningham Hill,
  • Riverhead,
  • Seal
  • Swanley (London Road)
  • And the worst place of all, Westerham Market Square.

We are pledged to act on this and will be out campaigning until action is taken. One of our first steps is to take out our new Friends of the Earth ‘Clean Air Kit’ with monitoring tube, from which we can send air samples off to the lab for checking.

In order for us to monitor air across the constituency, we’ll need more tubes – you can make a donation to help using the button on the Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party website or by sending a cheque payable to Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party to The Corner House, London Road, Swanley, BR8 7QD.

By Kevin Flack
Chairperson of Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party

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