Our NHS National Demonstration Saturday 4th March 2017


March with us in London on Saturday 4th March to Save Our NHS

Assemble 12pm
Tavistock Square,
London WC1

March through London to Parliament

The NHS crisis is worse than ever. Help save the NHS for everyone!

Join us in London on Saturday 4th March at the ‘It’s Our NHS’ national demonstration to help stop this Tory government from destroying our NHS.

We need to make 4th March as big as possible! Start talking to your friends and families and encourage them to join in too.

Please take a few minutes to watch Unite’s new animated short film Help Save #OurNHS and share it on social media. You can watch it here.

Our message is clear NO to cuts, NO to closure and NO to privatisation!

Fight for a fully funded, publicly owned,
NHS & social care service

We must fight to save the NHS from destruction. The threat is real. It is happening now. Hospitals, GPs, mental health, ambulance and community services are on their knees.

Private companies are gaining an ever greater foothold within the NHS. Years of pay restraint has seen the value of NHS staff salaries reduce by 14% since 2010. The Government’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans are a smokescreen for a massive programme of hospital and community service closures, and are its latest instrument for privatisation.

The NHS is one of our greatest achievements. We cannot allow it to be undermined and ultimately destroyed.

Join us on Saturday 4th March in London and send a clear message to this Government.

the NHS will last as long as there are folk with thefaith to fight for it.” Nye Bevan – founder of the NHS

Transport is being arranged from across the country.

To find out about Unite organised transport from your region go to


For more information visit links below

Join us in London.

Assemble at Tavistock Square at 12 noon, then march through the city to Parliament.

Book your seat now on Unite regional transport – click here or visit www.unitetheunion.org/March4NHS

We hope to see you in London.

Sarah Carpenter and Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe
National Officers – Health Sector.

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