Paul Darrington Campaign Team

Conservative Victory

Paul Darrington, the Conservative candidate, has won the White Oak ward by-election.

Paul Darrington
Conservative – 319

Jackie Griffiths
Labour – 307

Robert Woodbridge
Liberal Democrat – 230

The turn out was lower than in the last by-election in October, but Labour came second and increased its share of the vote.

Thanks to all of you who voted and those who worked very hard in this campaign.

We should be proud of this result…. although disappointed that we did not win. Labour will continue to campaign for the people of Swanley and strive to defend residents against Tory cuts backs.

3 thoughts on “Conservative Victory

  1. Jackie fought a marvellous campaign and deserved to win. It is a pity that all her hard work did not end up in victory.
    She worked all out to promote Labour principles and has a genuine love of Swanley and its people. Unlike another candidate who does not care which party he represents to gain electoral success. I am glad the voters rejected this person.
    I was proud to work with Jackie on her campaign and she can be pleased with what she has achieved.

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    1. Yes it is a shame that Darrington , formerly UKIP, who pretended he had no political allegiance whilst involved in fighting to save the green belt , against the tories who had suggested building on it in the first place, went on to become a councillor for Whiteoak. I hope he will now step up to the plate , as I have said on the new social forum, kahuti, to clean up the mattresses and other dumped rubbish which is the scourge of the ward.


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