Labour Candidate for White Oak By-Election

Message from Jackie Griffiths

It has been really good to meet so many of you while canvassing in the White Oak Ward for the election on 2nd March. The members of Swanley and District Labour Party have been out most days and have covered nearly all of the roads in the Ward.  Thank you to all of you who have expressed your support and encouragement for the campaign.

I have enjoyed talking to people and listening to your concerns. It would be a privilege to serve the people of the ward and to help to improve life for them. Many of you have voiced concerns for the future of the town and opposition to the Masterplan. Other concerns (which I could see for myself) were about trying to make the town a cleaner and safer place and ranged from worry about litter in the streets to having to look at eyesores like the exposed and at present redundant flumes behind the leisure centre. People are anxious that the town will be kept clean and not left to deteriorate as last summer when grass verges were left to become overgrown and a health hazard.

Derelict Birchwood School

Let’s get our town up to scratch. Let’s have a town to be proud of again, a place for our community to flourish. A good community helps to promote good health. I am concerned when I hear vulnerable people on the ward say they are afraid to go out or open their doors at night. Also when I see electricity boxes on the side of flats with the doors open and exposing live wires.

Let’s do something and fight for our town and our community so that all of our residents can have some quality of life. Together we can do it.

Vote Jackie Griffiths – Labour Party
2nd March

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