Working together to rebuild our broken communities

Jackie Says

Labour Candidate for White Oak By-ElectionJackie Griffiths has lived in Swanley since 1960. She is a trained nurse and has worked locally as a midwife and in a GP‘s surgery. She then became a lecturer in social care and history.

She is married to Dave with two adult sons, Nick and Ben. All are excellent musicians and Jackie performs in a gospel choir. She is currently an officer of Patient Voice and is a regular user of the White Oak Leisure Centre.

“I am very angry with the way that Swanley has declined since Labour lost control of the Town Council. I will do my utmost to regenerate the town, rebuild the community and make Swanley a place which is safe and secure and where everyone feels valued and feels proud to live.

As an officer of Patient Voice I strive to assist the authorities to provide better health and social care for the residents, including the development of community services. I spent many years caring for my elderly mother and can appreciate all the problems that carers face and the struggles that many people have in order to obtain the best care possible for their loved ones.

If elected, I will:-

  • Oppose the Master plan which will destroy our Green Belt and ruin Swanley as a community.
  • Campaign vigorously to improve Swanley Banqueting and make it accessible to all people of Swanley (including the reduction of room hire charges.)
  • Fight to improve Swanley’s infrastructure, including front line services in care for all and better GP access.
  • Campaign for more affordable and social housing, especially starter homes for young people, including a range of eco-housing schemes to cut energy bills.
  • Promote the rebuilding or refurbishment of the White Oak Leisure Centre on its current site.
  • Call for the development of the Birchwood School site for housing, whilst retaining the surrounding Green Belt.
  • Strive to make Swanley a cleaner, safer, greener place, promoting Swanley In Bloom, regaining the grass cutting contract and promoting measures to tackle air pollution. A Green agenda will be my priority.
  • Above all, I will work with local people to seek their views and act on their behalf.”

Contrasting the Tories in Power with Labour in Power

 Don’t trust the Liberal Democrats to oppose the Tories

For years they ignored Swanley and they put David Cameron’s Tories in power in the coalition government. That made them responsible for the unfair bedroom tax, tuition fee increases, cuts in benefits and a freeze in public service pay. Their leader has said they would consider doing so again! And can you trust a candidate who changes parties virtually every election?

If you want effective opposition to the Tories, vote Labour.


Labour is the Party for the Community

Vote for Jackie Griffiths on March 2nd
Working with you to rebuild our broken community
Keep in touch with our campaign, find out more details or contact us

You can download, print & share Labour’s election leaflet here: Labour White Oak Town Council Election Leaflet


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