New workers for Swanley Park

The Swanley Labour Party are pleased to see that the Town Council are to take the running of the activities in Swanley Park, such as the boats , play facilities and activities, as well as supervising the car parks, back from their appointed contractor to be run in house. This contractor owes the Council nearly £30,000 and provided a questionable service. Its contract has been withdrawn.

The decision to employ 13 workers as Park Rangers to run these activities is also welcomed, providing much needed employment.

However, we are concerned that these people are to be taken on as casual workers on zero hours terms. We have doubts about their job and income security as well as the commitment of workers taken on on such terms.

We would like to see the Council provide the option of much better and more stable contractual conditions of work for these employees, which would bring more security and, we believe, a better commitment to the job.

I would welcome your comments.

Cllr Mike Hogg

One thought on “New workers for Swanley Park

  1. I thought exactly the same,when I read the advert! They are expecting and awful lot for very little, but no change there! All we can hope is that applicants will see it as an opportunity to get into work, and do a good job whilst getting experience to move onwards and upwards?


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