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CO-OPs in Swanley

Is this the future for small business co-ops in Swanley?

We may not have any large factories, car plants, or mines but with the developments in new technologies we don’t need them to make Swanley thrive.

John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor has outlined his thoughts about co-operative businesses here, and how Labour would invest in business:

Swanley is full of small, brownfield sites, many of which have been used for businesses in the past. There is also much debate about how to develop the town for the future.

In his speech John says,

the next Labour Government will be completely committed to fixing our rigged economy and promoting the co-operative ownership of the wealth we produce, doubling the size of the co-operative sector. We’ll support the development of platform co-operatives instead of allowing new technologies to be exploited for the benefit of an elite few.”

In this unstable world of work, where most of us are unsure where we will be working in a year or two’s time, and more and more people are working as ‘self-employed’ or on short term contracts, is the future running our own businesses as individuals or as co-operatives with our workmates?

The temptation to tell your boss to ‘stuff it’ can be a strong one. But you can’t usually set up on your own or with likeminded people without investment. That’s where John McDonnell’s plans come in. After all, we bailed out the banks with our taxes, isn’t it time they invested in us?

If you are inspired by the idea of setting up a co-op, you can look at the pros and cons here:

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