Jackie Griffiths out canvassing in White Oak ward for local election.

On the campaign trail with Jackie

Come rain or shine, Jackie Griffiths has been out on the doorstep this week in the White Oak Town Council By-Election.

One of the best places has been Alder Way, talking to residents about how Swanley Councillors- across all parties – united to stop the inappropriate, massive development that was threatening the fields between Swanley, Swanley Village and Hextable.

“A real example of people power,” as one resident who had actively opposed the development said.

Jackie has had a positive reception on the doorstep, especially when people hear of her nursing background.

People remain angry about how Swanley has been run down over recent years and that is where Labour has the unique background of having run the council in better times when it won “In Bloom” awards and Swanley Banqueting ran thriving social venues. A Labour vote in this by-election can bring those days closer again.

Last time Labour was just 15 votes behind the winning Tory candidate. If everyone who usually votes Labour at a General Election comes out to vote on 2nd March in the council election, it’s clear we will win again.

Kevin Flack

Promoted by K.Flack on behalf of J Griffiths all of Corner House, London Rd, Swanley, BR8 7QD

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