A Resident's Manifesto

A Resident’s Manifesto

A Resident’s Manifesto

As a resident of White Oak, there are a few pressing issues that I believe concern all members of the residential ward and the quality of White Oak at large. Considering the increase in tax, it is disconcerting to see that no noticeable improvements have been made. These issues must be addressed by the new councillor in the by-election on March 2nd.

  1. Social Housing: Social Houses are being neglected by housing associations, and the inaction of conservative councillors to act is running them down. Social housing a key part of White Oak and something to be proud of. Nevertheless, when repairs due to ‘wear and tear’ or adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or torrential rain occur, the housing associations are slow to react and this has led to the running down of social housing areas. This is unfair and the local council must address these issues. Tenants have even reported negative attitudes from Housing Associations who are generally disdainful towards tenants. Local councillors should act and should be putting pressure on the housing associations to improve conditions for residents.
  2. Parking: New parking spaces, must also be created by Alder Way/Northview/The Spinney as most if not all neighbours have described the Parking condition as ‘worse than it’s ever been’. Due now to more cars and family’s children learning to drive, there is almost no space in and around areas such as Northview or the Spinney. It is incumbent on the council to address these issues as it is an accident waiting to happen. Expanding existing Car Parks or roads is the obvious action that could be taken.
  3. Rubbish dumping: There are certain waste hotspots around White Oak over back alleys and laybys. This means that many areas are swamped by old tires, used mattresses, fridges and general waste. In turn, this leads to White Oak and Swanley generally looking awful. It is too convenient for people to dump instead of getting Sevenoaks to remove the waste. Making the process of removing waste less complex as well as new bins would be a welcome step.
  4. Roads: The condition of roads has also severely deteriorated. The cost of fixing the large potholes along Hilda May, Northview and The Spinney would not cost the council much. These potholes are not only eyes sores but have led to many a flat tire. KCC have control of the roads but the local council could put pressure them to keep the roads good.
  5. Crime: Further to the neglect of the community, crime has also become an issue in White Oak. Access to New Barn Park through the field opposite old Birchwood School has been used by people often stealing mopeds or storing untaxed or illegal vehicles nearby. Due to cuts to policing from the County and Government, police response and action is lacklustre at best. Nevertheless, housing associations refuse to put any sort of deterrent around garages or over the fields at night. Indirectly, because of this, the police refuse to investigate crimes that have affected people in White Oak. The local council should again pressure these housing associations into action.

By a resident of White Oak

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