Voting closes this Friday at midday!

2018 will be a crucial year for the Labour movemenWith a divided Tory Government lead by a weak Prime Minister, Labour must become a transformative, member-led party that is capable of winning the next election and changing communities across the country.

This week, we have an incredible opportunity to elect three Corbyn supporting candidates to Labour’s powerful governing body – the NEC – before voting ends on Friday.

Yasmine, Rachel and Jon have spent their lives campaigning for a fairer Britain and a more democratic Labour Party that opposes Tory austerity head-on and argues for investment not cuts. Now they need your support.

This election will be decided by how many of us turnout. We can’t take this election for granted. Voting is done online, and only takes 1 minute.

To find your NEC ballot and vote, search for an email from with the subject line: “Labour Party – Election of NEC”. If you haven’t received your ballot, please fill in the Labour Party’s form here, or call Labour membership on 03450922299.

Voting closes this Friday at midday.

National Executive Elections Leaflet

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