Victor Southern, Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council

Accused Tory caught editing Wikipedia

On Thursday 7th July Swanley & District Labour Party received an email threatening legal action unless we took down the article below. Full details can be found in our published response “Defamatory Statement”.

In the light of this email we have amended our original article and we wish to clearly state that we accept that Cllr. Southern did not make the second Wikipedia edit, even though it was done in his name. We stand by our article’s point that he did make one edit, as he clearly conceeds in the comment he made about the article shortly after it was originally published. Readers can read that comment at the bottom of the article.

Editing Wikipedia

The Tory councillor accused of “outright discrimination” has been caught editing the Swanley Wikipedia page to make claims about the ongoing situation.

Under the Politics subheading, he added:

The local Labour party falsely alleged in December 2016 that acts of racism had taken place inside of the town council.”

This is clearly an attempt to rewrite the books to bias what is mostly a trustable source of information against the Labour party and councillor Gaire, who made the allegations.

He then removed a notice on the article warning of uncited information to make his changes look more authentic and trustworthy.

Someone else, using the same name: VSouthern, made an edit under the Facilities subheading:

In 2016, it was falsely alleged by the local Labour party that ‘The Olympic’ was shutting down.”

This, like the last edit, targeted the Labour party.

Screen shot of one the edits made by Victor Southern to Wikipedia

The full edit can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Accused Tory caught editing Wikipedia

  1. I most certainly did not add the remark which said “In 2016, it was falsely alleged by the local Labour party that ‘The Olympic’ was shutting down.” I have no idea who did or how it is attributed to me.

    I did make the other entry but well before December 7th.

    I have answered the allegation of racial discrimination fully elsewhere but I repeat that I categorically deny the allegation.

    Victor Southern


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