Victor Southern, Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council

Tory Leader Accused of “Outright Discrimination” responds

Victor Southern, the Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council has responded to the allegations of “outright discrimination” by the former Mayor Shanker Gaire. (Click here for the link) Victor Southern has stated on social media:

As I have said in the chain of emails which Cllr. Gaire and Momentum have chosen to publish I repudiate each and every allegation made against me.  There was no racial discrimination against him, by anyone at any time.


What is more – and this is conveniently ignored -Cllr. Gaire has received a complete reply to all of his financial queries and there is not a single penny that has been misused. Several of his queries have absolutely nothing to do with the Mayoral Fund or Mayoral Allowance.


The Mayor’s Fund is untouched and is entire, every penny accounted for.


As always this is really Momentum stirring things up. David Carr, their local leader is so ignorant of realities that just a few days ago he addressed a query to the Swanley Town Council as “Swanley District Council” asking for copies of a District Council report!


Victor Southern
Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council

The emails Victor Southern referred to in his comment can be viewed here: The Emails

11 thoughts on “Tory Leader Accused of “Outright Discrimination” responds

      1. Thank you for pointing that out Finley. The person(s) managing the Swanley Wiki pages are clearly biased. They have deleted contributions that we have made and now falsely claiming we made allegations of racism.

        We have reported what the former Mayor has said and made no comment, unlike the local press.

        We have a website and social media accounts to be able to report what is not being covered and defend ourselves against the barrage of negative press.

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      2. Very funny. However, we abide by Jeremy’s principle stand that politics should be about the issues not personalites and avoid all forms of personal comments and mockery. You have a real talent though. Don’t forget our branch meeting is on Monday 12th December 7.30pm at the Corner House. Hope to see you there.


      3. Whilst the picture was a joke, I think that the fact that Southern has been caught editing Wikipedia to make the Labour party look bad, glorify Tory victories and cover up the current situation is very serious.

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