Former Mayor and Tory Council now continuing as an independet

Exclusive! Former Mayor alleges “Outright Discrimination”

Cllr Shanker Gaire the former Mayor resigned last month and left the Conservative group. He stated that he had been treated very badly and was concerned about the financial management of the Town Council and the Mayoral funds. (Read his resignation speech in full here).

Cllr Shanker also left the Conservative group and is continuing as an Independent Cllr. Cllr Shanker has made a series of allegations about the Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council, Victor Southern and the Town Clerk Julie Pilbeam, who resigned shortly after he did.

Cllr Victor Southern, Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council
Cllr Victor Southern, Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council
Swanley Town Clerk, recently resigned
Julie Pilbeam, Swanley Town Clerk, recently resigned

Cllr Shanker Gaire has issued the following statement to Swanley & District Labour Party, for publication.

Further reconfirmation of outright discrimination against me by Cllr Southern

 As you are aware, I resigned as Mayor of Swanley on 02 November owing the hostile environment of intimidation and domination in the Council, mainly by the Council Leader Cllr Southern and the Clerk Julie Pilbeam. I had remarked in my resignation speech that “I thought that Brexit had created a barrier mainly for Europeans but it seems that this spirit was extended beyond Europe and created a barrier for the only Nepalese elected as mayor in the history of the United Kingdom.”


Cllr Southern however denied the accusations in the press stating that these were “completely, utterly and in every conceivable way” untrue and that “The act of racism is a criminal offence and I do not propose to be regarded as a criminal”


Following my resignation, I wrote an email to the Town Clerk demanding answers to queries that I had raised as a Mayor which was copied to Cllr Southern. I however received an accidental email back from Cllr Southern, which was meant for the Town Clerk, instigating her to act against me and making reference to me and my behaviour in derogatory terms. The content and the tone of this email not only reconfirmed all of my initial accusations against Cllr Southern but reveals outright discrimination against me.


I would also like you to note that I have not claimed a single penny from my Mayoral Allowance and requested that what I am owed be donated to Cancer Research. I also asked for the process to facilitate this. However, I have not got a response from Cllr Southern to this either.


Councillor Shanker Gaire (Independent)

Cllr Shanker Gaire has provided the relevant email exchanges as evidence of financial mismanagment and the “outright discrimination” he states he has experienced. Please click here

You can read Victor Southern, Tory Leader of Swanley Town Council, response on social media by clicking here.

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