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Hands Off Our Rec!

On Tuesday 7th November the Sevenoaks District Council Scrutiny Committee was addressed by Robert Piper the Planning Portfolio Holder.

He outlined the work of the Planning Department, which included a short statement on the Swanley Vision (Master Plan).

He was then questioned by the Committee Members.

Laurence Ball, a Tory Swanley Councillor, tried to pin him down on the future of the Rec and told him in no uncertain terms that the people of Swanley did not want the Rec touched. The reply was, “I don’t think they would mind if a part of it was developed”.  Laurence Ball then told him that he was completely out of touch with the feelings of the people of Swanley and stressed that Swanley did not want the Rec touched.

It is apparent that the Swanley Tories are now firmly against building on the Rec. A victory for Labour.

Swanley Labour Councillor Mike Hogg then asked Councillor Piper what he considered to be the definition of regeneration and added: “Do you consider the destruction of vast amounts of open space, woodland and farm land and its replacement with vast housing estates regeneration?” He replied that if Swanley wanted more facilities, it must have a bigger population, hence the vast housing development.

Mike also asked if it was right to spend tens of millions of pounds on shifting the train station a few hundred yards, but got no reply.

Councillor Piper is due to speak to the committee after the consultation report is published, probably in February. Perhaps members of the public should attend to see what he has to say.

He is certainly not in touch with the people of Swanley and believes that the written results of the consultation, with its loaded questions, would back his plans.

2 thoughts on “Hands Off Our Rec!

  1. What doesn’t Sevenoaks District Councillor Mr Robert Piper understand that the people of Swanley do not want the Rec touched or built on? This was land given to the people of Swanley years ago by the Hartdyke family. We, the people of Swanley, feel very strongly about the land being developed on, even for the use of a Medical Centre. How much land is Sevenoaks Council giving up to housing, when I looked at the plans at one of the meetings, Sevenoaks were not building any more housing. Years ago, Swanley was given people from Sevenoaks to house, who Sevenoaks didn’t want to house.

    As for the Railway Station being move a few hundred feet we all agree with Swanley Labour Councillor Mike Hogg, the cost out ways the use of it being moved. Are these people living in the real world of ours.

    Also, when we the people of Swanley attend these Council meetings, why are we not allowed to speak out our thoughts and feelings. Is this what they call democracy!! I for one was told to sit down and couldn’t speak by Councillor Laurence Ball at one of the Council meeting. Although this didn’t deter me though, I carried on.

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