Swanley & District Labour Party's policy of Eco Housing For All

The Morning Star Article

The Morning Star has recently published an excellent article on why Labour needs to adopt an Eco Housing for All program. Swanley & District Labour Party’s policy is being discussed now at a national level.

It all started ten months ago, on a cold and windy night at the Corner House. There was a motion at a Swanley & District Labour Party Branch meeting on the need for more social housing in Swanley and the rest of Britain. During a passionate discussion and debate an amendment was proposed, urging that social housing should include a return to secure council housing. It was passed unanimously.

Further debate ensured and it was proposed that there was an urgent need for Eco Housing. In brief, Eco Housing is housing that is based on solar and other green technologies to generate renewable energy. It seemed to Labour Party members that action to tackle not only homelessness, but also climate change, pollution and fuel poverty was essential. An amendment urging all social and council housing to be also eco housing.

The idea excited many ordinary Labour Party members and enthusiastic discussions and debates continued after the meeting. The local Swanley Momentum group took up the idea and developed it to include not only building new Eco Houses and flats, but also refurbishing existing properties with the latest solar and other green technologies. It was the long standing Labour Party member Hugh Markey who emphasised how important it was that existing properties shared in the tremendous benefits of Eco Housing. Swanley Momentum submitted a motion on Eco Housing to Momentum South East Region (Kent) where it was unanimously passed. An Environmentum webpage was set up and a Facebook Page. We also set up a Twitter Account.

Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party Executive also passed the motion on Eco Housing for All. There are many different shades of opinion in the Executive but the motion was passed unanimously. The next step was the Labour Party Policy Forum, where the Eco Housing for All policy was also supported by the overwhelming majority of people present. One person opposed it.

Environmentum was then invited to host a session at the World Transformed Festival in Liverpool. Kevin Flack gave an excellent report that can be found here: Environmentum at the World Transformed Festival. Everyone was bowled over by the enthusiastic response.

Art work for the Green Revolution Session at the World Transformed Conference

Swanley & District Labour party adopted the policy on Eco Housing for all in the recent local by-elections. Labour did not win, but it has generated interest and we have closed the gap on the Tories.

In the last couple of months Labour Party CLPs have been passing the motion, in most cases unanimously. It is now hopefully going forward to the Labour Party’s South East Region Conference in early November.

Eco Housing for all is uniting all the different sections of the Labour Party. It is a policy that tackles homelessness, by providing homes for all. It provides skilled and well paid jobs and will stimulate the growth of local green industries and services. By cutting fuel bills to zero or there abouts it will bring about an end to fuel poverty and enable all to benefit from the cheap energy it provides. Even people who state they do not care about the environment or other people will want to have the fuel bills cut dramatically.

Eco Housing for all will also play a vital role in tackling climate change and pollution. The following documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio, released on Sunday October 30th demonstrates how important it is that we take action now.

Our Eco Housing for All can also be of real service overseas. Instead of foreign aid being used to privatise poor countries essential services, or provide arms for brutal dictators we could help poor countries have bountiful supplies of cheap, clean and green energy.

Everyone is getting behind the Eco Housing for All policies. Get involved in helping us to transform Britain into a better, fairer society for all. We want to build a future for our children, not an environmental catastrophe.


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