Cllr Tony Searles Whipped

Cllr. Searles Whipped

The Conservative Leader of Swanley Town Council, Victor Southern, has stated on the Streetlife social media site that:

The Conservative Councillors Group of Swanley Town Council met on 26th October and voted unanimously to withdraw the Whip from Cllr. Tony Searles. The decision was made mainly on the effect that certain allegations made against him have had on the Council as to cost and also efficiency of administration. The decision is not time limited. This means that he will not sit with us in Council and will not be entitled to attend the regular discussions on policy and information briefings of the Group. This does not affect in any way the right and obligation of Cllr. Searles to attend Council meetings and meetings of such Committees as he is appointed to. Nor does it affect his right to be identified as a Conservative Councillor as only the Conservative Association can suspend or withdraw membership.

We have reported on the toxic atmosphere at Council Meetings and the allegations of misconduct the former Conservative Leader is facing in previous posts.  (Please see: Dodgy Tories & Swanley Town Council Imploding).

We are not getting the full story and it is clear that, as we stated previously, the STC Tories are in disarray. We can expect further shenanigans as the looming economic crisis exposes the Tories mismanagement of public funds, and the vandalisation of Swanley services and public buildings.

Swanley Town Council are in complete disarray and bringing out town into disrepute. The News Shopper’s coverage is evidence of this

Swanley town councillor, Tony Searles, booted as whip over sexual harassment allegations


2 thoughts on “Cllr. Searles Whipped

  1. If the Conservative group of STC has removed the whip from Mr Searles over Sexual Harassment Allegations, the Conservative group of STC must think he is guilty, so come on, Mr Searles do the decent think and stand down from all your elected positions


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