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Swanley & District Labour Party is part of the Sevenoaks Constituency. A month ago Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party set up a new website and social media presence. We invested a considerable sum because we realised that the mainstream media’s systematic  bias against Labour demands that we establish a new alternative media.

Swanley & District Labour Party’s website has made several dramatic impacts. We refused demands by Tory led Swanley Town Council to take down pages that exposed their bullying and harassment of STC workers. We are also standing firm against a Liberal Democrat candidate’s demand to take down a web page summarising their negative campaign tactics in the recent Swanley by-elections.

We want to be a voice for the residents and workers in Swanley, and across the country. To achieve this we need to develop our media presence and establish a wide and diverse audience. We are requesting that everyone who likes our website(s) and social media posts donates a small sum to help us attract a wider audience. One pound would be a tremendous contribution and would be greatly appreciated. Contributions to Sevenoaks CLP will go towards supporting our website here.

Help us counter act the Tory biased media and give  small sum when you can. Please click the link below to make your contribution:

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