Cartoon of education as an assembly line, with bullying headmaster.

State Cosseted Kiddies

For those of you unconvinced that grammar schools are bad news, and there are admittedly still a few hostiles who remain opposed to this opinion.

Yes, there could well be a lot of you still devoted to the principle of state sponsorship of an educational elite. You’re entitled. You do pay taxes?

Remember that American principle – No taxation without representation – still holds true, We hope?? Avoidance remains legal. Evasion – a crime. Got it. Phew. that’s a relief. Thought with Trump as presidential candidate it might not hold true.

Yes, some who do not conform to conventional education standards are even in the Labour Party. (And the media knows your names and addresses). But there, that being said, it’s a broad church.

Let’s bring the private sector into this for a moment. To make a point no less.

Why do you think Chinese, Russian and other multinational billionaires are sending their precious offspring to English boarding school? (No, not British. Obviously, you haven’t been on the marketing course).

Because the state examinations in their home countries are so bloody hard. Diddums, don’t’ know the feminine, will never pass them so another route to social eminence is sought.

At this very time, teachers in the private sector are pampered beyond belief. Just can’t understand their popularity. Suppose time is money. Aspirational UK parents with the necessary money to pay public school fees plus ancillary costs are feeling the pinch.

Keeping up with the Jones in this rarefied company is demanding. It’s a game of Beggar my Neighbour – sort of.
With HM’s subjects being elbowed out of private sector education there is a need for socially appropriate schools. That’s where niche marketing comes to the fore.

However, the Asian cohort of boys and girls living in the UK is of alarmingly high academic quality. Bangladeshi girls are particularly bright. And this intellectual excellence is far from confined to one social class. (Peak academic erudition is based on population size. And opportunity).

So you grammar school advocates, and we know how dedicated you are, be prepared to tolerate an ethnic majority and besides that a serious gender imbalance.

We have no difficulty with the demographic make-up of grammars. We just don’t want educational apartheid to flourish in any part of the globe, yet alone the UK. No social engineering, please mate.

The US of America following the Sputnik scare had to dig deep and identify all possible individuals with the appropriate educational talent. Naturally they plundered, and remember the US was desperate, global academic resources.

Nevertheless they did not overlook home-grown talent wherever it resided. If it was way-down south well so what. Even crossed the Mason-Dixie line to bring black people into the Space Race fold. Black women excelled in these fields. And these women rose to the challenge thrown down by NASA.

The British, as they then were, clutched their social set and exaggerated reverence for social position to their heart. Budge they would not. Public schools and grammars remained inviolate.

Yet today the UK and this government have learned nothing. Although already mentioned China has for two years running established it has the fastest supercomputer in the world. And has also launched a quantum satellite.

What next? A quantum computer will be nigh on impossible to hack. The US government will be very relieved. Not to mention Her Majesty’s.

Still, UK we have a problem! Get your *** in gear.

See the movie, why don’t you!!

The View from Hugh

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