Group photo of the Tory Candidates and their electoral teams

This is what a Tory Victory looks like

Swanley & District Labour Party failed to win any seats in the three local by-elections. The Tories held on to all three seats.

Jackie Griffiths, in Christchurch & Swanley Village, increased our share of the vote from 11% to 30% a real improvement. Jim in White Oak lost the Town by only 15 votes from the Tory, but came in third just after Mr Woodbridge, the Lib Dem, who lost by one vote.

We came third in the County, trailing by 200 votes with only 31% of the vote.

Swanley & District Labour Party would like to send a big thank you to all three candidates, and for all the people who helped us in the campaign. Our candidates and supporters worked extremely hard.

Obviously we are all disappointed with the result and the extremely low turnout of 20%. We would urge all our supporters to join the Labour Party. We will discuss how we can build upon our achievements, improve  and ensure we mobilise our base for the County election coming up in May.

Summary of Results

Kent County Council
(Covering St.Mary’, White Oak and Hextable wards)
Conservative. 717
UKIP. 615
Labour. 518
Lib. Dem. 362

Sevenoaks District Council
(Christchurch & Swanley Village Ward)
Conservative. 311
Labour. 274
Lib. Dem. 183

Swanley Town Council
(White Oak Ward)
Conservative. 319
Lib. Dem. 318
Labour 304

Don’t get down, get organised.

5 thoughts on “This is what a Tory Victory looks like

  1. Moved into swanley 10years ago like the people here made many friends most like me was a councillor for 8years enjoyed it . But there tomany changes not all for the good of our comumity all profit should go into supporting the people here young elders and the vounrable. In are area


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