Art work for the Green Revolution Session at the World Transformed Conference

Plan of Action

Environmentum has had a tremendous couple of months. In a short period, our policy of Eco Housing for All has really taken off. It has been passed at Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party  Executive, discussed at Labour Party National Forum and has been enthusiastically adopted by other Labour Party Branches & CLPS.

The Labour Party has adopted many of the key policies being promoted by Environmentum and is clearly receptive to building & refurbishing all homes with solar panels and other green technologies. (See the video Energy Policy for the 60 Million).

It was also adopted by Swanley & District Labour Party candidates in the recent local by-election as a key part of their manifesto.

We also had a very successful event at the World Transformed Festival where a packed audience responded very warmly to the proposals and there were many contacts made. There was lots of discussion and debates and several concrete proposals on how Environmentum could move forward. These included:

  • Holding an Environmentum Conference & inviting all the contacts made across the UK.
  • Broading Environmentum to include other key issues such as Pollution, Food & Diet, Climate Change & Traffic Congestion.
  • Encouraging Trade Unions to pass resolutions supporting Eco Housing for All & encourage them to get involved in developing the policy and program.
  • Joining with other environmental groups such as Greenpeace & Friends of the Earth and organise public meetings and events to raise awareness of pollution & climate change.
  • Linking with community organisations and local groups that are working on issues such as homelessness, poverty & unemployment.
  • Hosting a fringe event at the next Labour Party conference.

There is obviously much to do, but it was very exciting and inspiring to see how enthusiastically people responded to the proposal for Eco Housing for All. It now seems like this stands a very good chance of becoming Labour Party policy and may help in transforming Britain into a much better, eco friendly country.

Environmentum has its own Facebook page: Environmentum. There are posts on a daily basis. If you would like to get involved with Environmentum please contact us at: contact@swanleydistrictlabourparty.orgTogether we can transform Britain

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