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Low Turn Out

Swanley Tories never expected to win the local by-elections and were in a state of delirious shock when it became clear that they had held all three seats. They could not believe it.

Swanley & District Labour party are disappointed with the results. We had three outstanding candidates and thought we had an excellent chance of winning.

When the low turnout of just over 20% was revealed we did become concerned, and Tory hopes clearly rised. While not voting is a vote for the Tories, Swanley Labour cannot just accept that as a reasonable explanation for our defeats.

We want to start building a real movement that can transform Swanley and the rest of the UK. We would encourage all those who support us to join the Labour Party and get involved.  Swanley & District Labour Party does its best to represent the people of Swanley. Join us and help us do this more effectively.

There are many lessons to learn from this defeat and we want to ensure that we win future elections with a huge majority having inspired the residents of Swanley to vote Labour.

It is not just about voting in elections though. We need a real movement to defend people from Tory attacks both locally and nationally starting from today. Let’s take the first steps :

  • Join Swanley & District Labour Party.
  • Members & supporters need to get involved.
  • Plan for future campaigns in Swanley.

Together we can transform Britain


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