Vile UKIP Supports Fracking

UKIP supporters seem unaware that their party supports fracking and would scrap support for solar and windpower. UKIP has also pledged to get rid of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and repeal the Climate Change Act.(Energy Live News).

If anyone doubts how destructive fracking is on the environment and on the local people communities and people living near to fracking sites they should watch Gasland:

Fracking Impacts Infographic

UKIP’s claims to be patriotic and to love the United Kingdom are exposed as a sham. Their opposition to most forms of renewable energy and their support for fracking and nuclear energy reveals how little they care for our wonderful country and its beautiful countryside. Fracking destroys the environment and people’s lives and is banned throughout Europe and parts of the United States. UKIP supports fracking because big business interests stand to make a fortune out of devastating our countryside. UKIP is the party of big business. They are not an alternative to the Tories.

Governments still do not know how to get rid of radioactive waste and it is terrifying threat.

The local UKIP candidate Jim Halford has stood in the Swanly By-Election claiming he would do his utmost to protect the green belt. UKIP’s policy of supporting fracking & nuclear power is hardly protecting the greenbelt.

Don’t be fooled by UKIP – Purple Tories in disguise – Nastier than the Nasty Party.

Vote Labour for a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Swanley-Vote Labour.

Vote for a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Swanley Thursday 13th October


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