Portrait of Phil Levy Swanley Green Party

Call for Greens to vote Labour in Swanley by-elections

Phil Levy of the Swanley Green Party has posted on Facebook the following statement:

in the absence of Green candidates in Thursday’s forthcoming bye elections I call upon all Green voters in Swanley and Hextable to vote Labour on Thursday.

Swanley & District Labour Party welcomes the support of the Greens. We are campaigning for a greener, cleaner, safer Swanley. We  can also work together in the future on issues such as raising awareness about climate change, tackling pollution, opposing fracking and establishing a fairer society where everyone shares in the benefits, not just the few.

 Swanley & District Labour will be promoting Eco Housing for all which will provide much needed homes for local people and their children. It will also reduce fuel bills for everyone & tackle fuel poverty.

Building new Eco Houses and refurbishing existing ones will also provide skilled, well paid, local jobs. The homes will be an investment because they will generate clean, renewable energy for minimal costs and tackle climate change and help reduce pollution.

 Eco Housing, and other key policies such as protecting the green belt, keeping Swanley Recreation Ground, opposing the Tory Tower blocks, and our commitment to tackling the devastating traffic congestion that is gridlocking Swanley should encourage Green voters to vote for Labour in the by-elections on Thursday.

Vote for a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Swanley Thursday 13th October

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