Landscape Picture of Recreation Ground

Victory for Our Save the Rec Campaign!

Thanks to all the those Swanley residents who responded to Labours petition to save the Rec. Thanks to the Labour supporters who demanded a Town meeting and thanks to all the residents who turned out on Friday night to have their say.

We have all seen copies of the “Vision Statement” for Swanley recommending.

  1. To build a Leisure Centre on the Rec
  2. To build a health Centre on the Rec
  3. To build a hotel on the Rec
  4. To build a new council facility “facing” the Rec.

By making your voice heard you forced the Swanley’s Conservatives Councillors, at the very last minute, to agree, in writing, a motion stating

“…….. that no permanent change in use of all or any part of the Recreation Ground shall occur without a legally organised poll of all residents of the Town.”

So we still have a fight on our hands. First we will be watching to see how the Town Council responds to the nightmare vision for Swanley.  Next we will be naming and shaming all those councillors who, as they have in the past, agreed one thing at Swanley while actively supporting the nightmare vision at Sevenoaks.

Cllr Mark Fittock Standing outside Alexandria Suite after STC meeting
Labour Councillor Mark Fittock

To ensure that the Rec is safe make sure you vote Labour in local By-Elections taking place on Thursday 13th Oct. The Tory candidate says they will not support building on the rec but no-one expects Swanley Tories to oppose the Sevenoaks Tories’ plans to develop on the rec.

Mark Fittock

By Elections - Date - Roles - Candidates

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