Portrait Photo of Councillor Mike Hogg

Liberal Democrats’ Nasty Election Tactics

The Liberal Democrat candidate for the coming by-elections, Robert Woodbridge, has abandoned conducting his campaign on policy issues and has embarked upon a campaign using nasty tactics to try and gain support.

Here are some of the things that he and his allies have said on social media. All of which are completely false.

  • Accused a Labour Councillor of running an unregistered business.
  • Claimed sole responsibility for Labour successes in Swanley.
  • Criticised others for not attending meetings when his own record was appalling.
  • Implying that a rival had incorrectly claimed expenses.
  • Embarked on a social media campaign against Labour Party members by openly criticising their actions and removing counter arguments.
  • Used a range of unsavoury tactics to attempt to show his Labour opponent in a very bad light.

We are fighting our election on policies and not personalities and refuse to stoop to Mr Woodbridge’s level.


Please make everyone aware of his tactics.

By Councillor Mike Hogg.

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