Picture of overgrown and very messy roadside verge in Swanley

Clean Up Swanley

Swanley By-Election – Thursday 13th October

It is clear from our canvassing that Swanley residents are very angry at the terrible mess the ruling Tory group has allowed Swanley to slide into. The ruling Tories have let our town become unkempt and uncared for.  The utter disregard and contempt shown towards the residents of Swanley is staggering. Just look at what the Tories are doing to our town:

  • The Tories have made the cost of hiring council venues out of the reach of  local clubs and societies & have driven them away.
  • The popular Woodlands has been closed, leaving it to become vandalised and a terrible eyesore.
  • The Olympic is being systematically run down.
  • The Tories have destroyed the good relationship with council staff with charges of harassment and bullying being made and the threat of strike action.
  • Payoffs to be keep harassed staff quiet and out of the courts amounting to huge sums.
  • Grass verges have been left to become overgrown.
  • They have lost over half a million pounds and run the council finances into the ground.
  • The Tories on Sevenoaks Council have their eyes on Swanley Recreation Ground & have plans to build hotels and such like on it. Don’t expect Swanley Tories to stop them.

The Tory masterplan for Swanley is a nightmare. The Tory Tower Blocks and high rent flats will make Swanley unaffordable for the residents and their children. The only people who will benefit will be property developers, bankers and city wheeler dealers. The friends of the Tories!

Litter on One of the alleys on Connifer Way
One of the alleys on Connifer Way

Tory plans will make the intolerable traffic congestion in Swanley even worse. The Tory support for Grammar Schools is further evidence of their disregard for the vast majority of people. Labour believes in Education not Segregation, and wants to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities to the full, not just the few.

Lib Dems Coalition Tories

The Liberal Democrats are hardly an alternative to the Tories. The Lib Dems went into coalition with the Tories and helped them deliver the hated cuts, the bedroom tax and the disastrous policies of the Tory Government. Not to mention their broken pledge on tripling student tuition fees. The Liberal Democrats colluded with the Tories and voted for the cuts that have devastated people’s lives. They cannot now claim to be an opposition to the very party they helped to power.

A vote for UKIP is a vote for the Tories

UKIP are Tories in disguise, only nastier than the nasty Tories. The local candidate, Jim Halford, was until very recently a Tory Councillor and help vote through the very policies that are bringing Swanley down. UKIP blame immigrants for the crisis, unemployment and housing shortage. In reality it is the bankers & city wheeler dealers who are to blame for the crash, and the economic slowdown.  The very people who fund UKIP. Like the Tories UKIP wants to privatise the NHS. If you value our wonderful NHS show your support by voting Labour. One way or another a vote for UKIP is a vote for the Tories.

 UKIP Purple Tories

Labour: Working Together for Real Change

Labour is the party that stands up for working people. We want a first class education for all children and not just the few. We want a health service for everyone not just those who can afford it. Our councillors will continue to oppose selective education and the privatisation of health and social services. These are not just local elections.

  • Labour will continue its campaign to maintain Swanley Recreation Ground and put up a real opposition to Sevenoaks Tories’ plans to build a hotel and other buildings upon it.
  • Swanley & District Labour Party is committed to defending our wonderful White Oak Leisure Centre and will protect from the greedy Tory property developers who aim to close it down and rebuild a much inferior version on the rec.
  • Labour is committed to building council houses for local people and their children. We aim to make these Eco Houses that have built in solar panels and other green technologies. This will generate extremely cheap & clean energy, dramatically reducing everyone’s energy bills and tackling pollution & climate change.
  • Labour is also committed to promoting Eco Home Refurbishment throughout Swanley. This will enable all residents to get the benefits from professional insulation & solar panels if they choose. This will reduce bill considerably and benefit the local community as a whole by reducing pollution and tackling climate change.
  • Labour identifies traffic congestion as a major problem. We will be investigating radical solutions to the gridlock that is creating terrible problems in Swanley. We will consult with residents and community groups to ensure that proposed solutions are acceptable to the people of Swanley.
  • Labour will clean up our area – tackling overgrown verges and hedges, litter and potholes in our roads. Labour will also tackle flytipping on our country roads. Councillors have the power to make our area cleaner and greener – if you elect Angela George, Jackie Griffiths & Jim Ware they will work with local residents to make Swanley & Hextable an even better place to live.
  • Labour will call for a 20mph speed limit outside local schools as we believe our children’s safety must come first.
  • The local parents Labour has canvassed all agree there is an urgent need to reform the school transport bus pass programme and, if elected, Labour councillors will be fighting to reform the whole of the transport policies bringing Kent more into line with the Transport for London system.
  • Labour will protect the green belt around Swanley, while improving local services such as health provision, highways and schools.
  • Labour greatly values the work of the Children’s Centre and would restore the full services so that all infants can get a good start in life. We want to ensure that every child in the area can benefit from such Centres.

Labour Party Supporters holding a Vote Labour Sign

Labour will be promoting the interests of all of Swanley residents, not those of property developers and city wheeler dealers. We know if all our supporters come out to vote will win, please ensure that you make the effort to vote Labour and vote to clean up Swanley. The Tories are relying on people staying away from the polls. In the last general election only 24% of the electorate voted Tory. Unfortunately over 34% did not vote. Those who did not vote let the Tories win power. Let’s not let that happen in Swanley. Remember, failing to vote is the same as voting for the Tories. Make your voice heard. Vote for a greener, cleaner, safer Swanley. Vote labour.

Vote for Labour Three candidates for Local Elections


One thought on “Clean Up Swanley

  1. I have to say I find it quite incredible the comments Swanley & District Labour party have put out about UKIP on this website and on the party’s FB page uncalled for and very unprofessional. I would suspect it is because you are afraid of the effect UKIP are having upon your overall vote across the country which I can perfectly understand.

    UKIP believe in representing people correctly and do not have a party whip. The reason Jim Halford defected from the Tories is because of the party whip system was letting the people of Swanley down badly. Both major parties are under this system and it fails the people. Lets have good clean campaigns for these local seats and stop with the slurs and mistruths.

    Thank you very much.

    Tina Brooker
    UKIP Gravesham.


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