Air Pollution in Swanley people wearing masks in demonstration

Air Pollution in Swanley

As part of our campaign for a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Swanley, we are highlighting the problem of air pollution in our town.

There are problems with air quality all around Swanley as air pollution is one of the biggest threats to our health today. It has been reported that, “some 50 people a year are thought to die early in the (Sevenoaks) district because of poor air quality. This is more than die in road crashes.” London Road in Swanley is one of the worst places.

With some of the UK’s most crowded roads, the county has witnessed a number of pollution issues, with Public Health England releasing statistics last summer revealing Kent had the highest number of air pollution deaths in the region – a staggering 745 which were attributable to long term exposure to pollution.

For more information on air pollution in Kent please check out the link here: Air Pollution in Kent.

Labour Party members suppporting clean up Swanley
Canvassing for Swanley & District Labour Party

One small way to counter this is to Save Our Rec, and keep the green lung of our Recreation Ground in the town centre and stop car parks and buildings destroying the site. This is an issue Labour has stood firm on since the establishment of the Recreation Ground, held in Trust by successive town councils since before the Second World War.

County Council candidate Angela George is pctured leading our Cleaner,Greener, Safer Swanley campaign.

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