Vote Jim Ware Swanley Town Council Labour Candidate Thursday 13th October

Vote Jim Ware

Jim, an electrician by trade, is 59 years old  and has four children, all of whom were born and live in Swanley. Jim has lived here for over 35 years, the last twenty three being in the White Oak ward. Jim knows all the problems residents in the local area face and is keen to tackle them. Jim has been an active trade unionist throughout his life, defending workers rights and living conditions. He is very experienced in negotiating & standing up to aggressive employers. Jim will be standing up for all the people of Swanley, as well as White Oak residents.

Eco Housing for All

Jim states: “The Tory Masterplan for Swanley is a nightmare. Tory Tower Blocks will lead to the destruction of Swanley Town Centre and cause traffic congestion, and intolerable air polution.” Labour is committed to an Eco Housing For All Policy and Jim has been a strong advocate of this exciting new policy. Eco Housing includes solar panels & the latest green technologies built into new build houses & refurbishing existing houses. Labour will ensure all residents can enjoy the benefits of Eco Housing. This will include building new Eco council homes for local families unable to afford to live in the town. Labour will also promote eco refurbishment of all homes, private & social.

This policy will make Swanley into a green town that benefits all the residents, not just the few. Building Eco Council Houses will provide much needed homes for people on average incomes. It will also stimulate the growth of green industries in Swanley, providing local skilled & well paid jobs that benefit the community. Eco housing & refurbishment of existing homes will also tackle fuel poverty & high energy bills. All residents will get very low energy bills.

Eco houses should provide enough clean energy not just for people’s homes, but generate more for the local community. Eco houses & refurbishment will also begin to deal with the air pollution that is blighting the area. Everyone benefits, & the only losers are the big energy companies who will no longer be able to charge high prices for energy.

Jim has stood against the destruction of Swanley Town Centre and the Tory Tower Blocks. He has also opposed Tory plans to build on the rec. Jim has been a strong supporter of White Oak Leisure Centre and will resist any attempts to close it down and rebuild elsewhere.

Jim recognises traffic gridlock is a major problem in Swanley and is likely to become much worse unless drastic action is taken. Jim has been looking at a range of different ways to tackle the problem.

Jim has played a central role in setting up Swanley & District Labour Party’s website & Facebook page and will ensure that residents know exactly what is going on in their area and throughout Swanley. He stood firm when Tory led Swanley Town Council demanded that our website took down articles that exposed the Tory mismanagement and bullying and harrassment of workers.  Jim wants to be a councillor because  he says it is breaking his heart what the Tories are doing to the town he loves. He states:

I have decided to stand up, not stand by.

Stand up with Jim and vote Labour!

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