UKIP Purple Tories

Nastier than the Nasty Tories

UKIP is a racist, far right party funded by the rich-and it’s after Your vote.

Teresa May referred to the Conservative Party as the “Nasty Party” back in 2002.  Since being in power the Conservatives, both nationally and in Swanley, have been living up to their name, becoming nastier & nastier.

UKIP has been presenting itself in Swanley and elsewhere as some sort of alternative to the Tories. This is a fraud. UKIP are purple Tories in disguise-only nastier!

Funded by property developers, betting Tycoons, Management consultants  and private members’ club owners (UKIP Top Donors) UKIP are trying to trick working people into voting for them by playing the race card, fanning fear and hatred.

UKIP blames migrant workers from Eastern Europe for the economic crisis, unemployment and lack of housing. This is racist scapegoating: the bankers and their rich city friends created the crisis – the very people who are funding UKIP.

Labour will defend all workers, protecting their rights and wages. This will stop unscrupulous employers cutting wages and workers’ rights.

Like the Tories, UKIP would auction off NHS services to be run by private companies for profit – everything from ambulances to hospital wards. If you value our NHS don’t vote UKIP!

UKIP would put your rights at work at risk. UKIP would scrap rights like four weeks’ paid holiday, sick pay and maternity leave.

UKIP wants to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights. UKIP also opposes same-sex marriage, standing against equal rights for gay people. UKIP also want to repeal the Climate Change Act that provides some protection against pollution.

Only Labour will protect our precious NHS, and defend workers’ rights.

UKIP are Tories in disguise, only nastier and meaner. The local UKIP candidate, Jim Halford, was until recently a Tory Counsellor. He voted for all the Tory policies and motions that have led to Swanley being run down.

UKIP are not an alternative to the Tories. They are purple Tories in disguise – nastier than the nasty Tories. To make sure we get a real alternative to the Tories vote Labour in the by election on Thursday 13th October.

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Ten Good Reasons Not to Vote UKIP



3 thoughts on “Nastier than the Nasty Tories

    1. So the UKIP candidate, Jim Halford, has seen both the Labour and Tory parties from the inside – and he’s seen through them. He’s clearly got an open mind and come to the conclusion that he is best able to speak up for the people of Swanley from a party that is not under the thumb of big unions or big business.


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