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What can you do?

Get organised: Is there a anti-fracking group defending your community? If so, join it! If not, form one!
Spread the word: Organise public meetings, film screenings, street stalls etc. Support other communities: At any point in time various communities are under threat and need your solidarity.

Frack Off can help with information, support or outreach materials. Contact and see


Government Condemns Lancashire To Be Fracked – Will You Let It Happen? Last year fracking company Cuadrilla Resources plans in Lancashire were halted by enormous community opposition but this decision has now been overturned for the Preston New Road site by central government (a decision on the Roseacre Wood site has been deferred), in an attempt to bypass any community involvement. Legal challenges in the courts may be able to slow Cuadrilla’s plans, but the fracking fight is now moving into a new phase where causing delays and ramping up costs will hold the key to deterring future investment in this industry.

The plans call for drilling and hydraulically fracturing 4 horizontal wells at the Preston New Road over a 2 year period, requiring around 20,000 truck movements and produce millions of gallons of toxic and radioactive liquid and solid waste. The impact of just this site will be wide-spread, with waste likely to be trucked and dumped in Leeds, Middlesborough or Stoke-on-Trent and frac sand (which causes lung disease silicosis and lung cancer) being trucked from Cheshire or Norfolk. See: Government Abandons Lancashire To Fracking – Will You Let It Happen? and New Lancashire Threat: Cuadrilla`s Fracking Plans A demonstration will take place at the Preston New Road site on Sat 8th Oct.

For our constantly updated events calendar see

For an interactive map with all the planning applications, licences etc. see

With well over 250 anti-fracking groups and counting organsing against the industry across the country, there are now too many to list here. Please see for the full list. If there isn’t one in your community, now would be an excellent time to start one! Contact if you want any help or support and definitely check out our guide to campaigning for new anti-fracking groups here:

Fight The Frack

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