Look, forget about the car-crash interview in the BBC Daily Politics where merciless Andrew Neill flattened Justin Greening and her mini with his steamroller.  Unfair, certainly.  But then life’s unfair as the Tories are quite sick and tired of telling us.
Perhaps a little unjustly Justin Greening has been landed with a brief not of her own making. Enuff of Justin.
Anyway, we’ve been waiting for the other half, seven percent, of Tory education policy to become public.

Grammars are still part of the state sector, methinks.  Have been since Henry VII set one up.  Of course he, the first Tudor monarch, had ideas of circumventing the Lords and Barons clutching all the royal court jobs for themselves.  However, the aristocrats liked Henry’s wheeze and set about hi-jacking the plan.  So amusing!

Well, Tessie May has made her views quite plain.  Multiplication of grammars. Tory councils seem quite amenable to this idea.  Labour councils?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Hi-technical schools on the German model have also been mentioned.  Eager to learn of public schools such as Eton and Westminster setting up apprenticeship schemes.  No more of ‘that’ll be the day’!

Remember the last great educational scare? IN 1957 when Sputnik was launched!  After some uncertainty Prez Dwight D Eisenhower allowed educational experts their head.  New Maths, science, and IQ tests were introduced into US education.  The US also introduced hypervelocity immigration of all global intellectual talent available.[ Side-effect: Silicon Valley et al ]  And US education trawled for indigenous talent. Sadly table manners no longer counted.  Social position or vast wealth was ignored. Gaining on those Reds was all that mattered.
The US would of course need help.  Ah, Britain. Same language.  Perfect choice.  Some wiser US hands who knew the score opined that the Britannic social scene could not be altered

Naturally, they were ignored.  Prez IKE in his televised speech to his fellow Americans re-assuring the West that he would not allow NATO to fall behind did mention ‘H M’s Household Calvary’. The Prez suggested that the Russians were thoroughly terrified by this Royal mounted unit.

The British Authorities, Supermac and his Tory government, were horrified.  Dispose of centuries of tradition.  Upset the social apple-cart?  Throw out the baby with the bath water?

No such drastic measures were ever introduced in Britain.  A tightening up of ‘A’ levels.  The introduction of new maths.  Dead languages were dumped; science and technology were brought to the fore.  No longer were opening bat for the School 11 or promising rugger type of sufficient standing to gain entry to Oxbridge.

Now that the Chinese have come up with a world class supercomputer and a quantum satellite in the same year, the Tories decide to increase the number of grammar schools.  Class will tell, chaps!


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