Angela George Labour Candidate for Kent County Council By Election

Vote Angela George

Kent County Council Election Thurs. 13th  Oct

Angela George has lived in Swanley for over 25 years. She has brought up her family in the area and is a much loved member of the community. She is Treasurer of Swanley White Oak Action Group where she works to improve the quality of life for all residents. Angela has been appointed as a Board Member of West Kent Housing Association, serving on the Audit and Finance Committee. Her other volunteer activities include helping the British Red Cross; as a member of the Independent Police Advisory Group for Sevenoaks; and as a “Responsible Adult” for Children in Trouble in London.

Some of My Achievements

    I spoke out at District Council Planning Committee, exposing Kent County Council proposals to build on the playing fields of Birchwood School resulting in the application being refused.
    Improved the long neglected open space in Russet Way, I secured from the Sevenoaks District Big Community Fund and other agencies having consulted local residents to agreed on an environment improvement plan for the area.
    When I served on Sevenoaks District Council I always strongly supported the leisure centre. I made it known to the Sensio Board, that manages the White Oak Leisure Centre,  that it should be retained within Swanley; and the White Oak site was the best possible option for local residents. I successfully opposed the proposed relocation to Beechenlea Lane.
    I was very involved in the resolution by following up residents concerns about the conversion of the convent site in Sycamore Road to a hostel for homeless men. Having consulted widely with residents, the play group,the school and the police ,was able to present to SDC sufficient evidence for them to improve controls on the site.
    As a board member I have been able to present local tenants issues to the Board and resolve many issues.

Angela is also committed to improving transport in the area. She states:

The local parents I know all agree there is an urgent need to reform the school transport bus pass programme and, if elected, I will be fighting to reform the whole of the transport policies bringing Kent more into line with the Transport for London system.  Perhaps more importantly is the need to create sufficient good quality local school places for all our children including both academic and vocational training opportunities.

Angela believes we must also protect the green belt around Swanley, while improving local services such as health provision, highways and schools. She greatly values the work of the Children’s Centre and would restore the full services so that all infants can get a good start in life.

Hextable Sentinel

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Why Labour is Good for Swanley Key Points

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