Art work for the Green Revolution Session at the World Transformed Conference

Eco Housing Report

Tuesday 27th September was a bit different at Labour Conference.

Along with our delegate Jackie Griffiths I went outside the main conference hall to a Momentum fringe meeting to listen to our own David Carr from Swanley talk about Eco housing alongside other Labour activists from Kent.

David’s argument is that not only do we need more council and social housing, but it should be carbon-neutral and, with appropriate solar and wind power within an estate or community, energy bills can be reduced to zero.

This is something I find exciting. Too many people live in fuel poverty and are stressed out by having to choose between food or heating. Too many qualified engineers and technicians are out of work or underemployed when they could be working on solar technology.

Too much government subsidy goes into fossil fuel and nuclear industries when we have enough solar, hydro, wave and wind power in this country to be self-sufficient in our energy needs.

The packed meeting heard inspirational ideas from people the country who all had ideas about how housing should look in the future.

Labour is committed to a mass council house building programme. We hope you will join us in our local Labour Party encouraging that to be a mass ECO house building campaign.

Kevin Flack
Chair of Sevenoaks CLP

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