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Brilliant Speech by Jeremy Corbyn

The Conference ended yesterday with the Leader’s speech. This was brilliant. Jeremy had really sharpened up and his confidence showed. He delivered his vision with passion and commitment.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric. Whoever says that Jeremy is not charismatic is kidding themselves. The speech was inspiring and so full of hope for a bright future for everyone. His vision is for fairness for all, especially the vulnerable. It is for the people, offering a decent life for everyone.

How can anyone criticise that or say that this is too radical. He set out his 10 pledges for the future, full employment, a secure homes guarantee, security at work, a strong public NHS and social care, a National Education service for all, action on climate change, public ownership and control of our services, a cut in inequality of income and wealth, action to secure an equal society and peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy.

Someone tell me what is wrong with these aspirations.

Jackie Griffiths

Labour Candidate for Sevenoaks District Council –
Christchurch & Swanley Village Ward

Hear the full speech here:

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