Portrait with text: The Party which had founded the NHS will once again have to save it.

Another Very Interesting Day at Conference

There was a brilliant speech by Diane Abbott about Labour’s commitment to the NHS, which actually brought tears to my eyes. She said that a Labour Government would end Private Funding Initiatives and also ensure bursaries for nurse training are reinstated. Mental health is to have parity with physical health. She also said how we need EU  workers in our health and social care services. Ending freedom of movement could be disastrous for NHS. She declared Labour’s solidarity with the Junior Doctors in their long running fight with the government.

Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader gave his speech, again urging unity and insisting that Labour do not dismiss the governments of Blair and Brown but celebrate their achievements if we want to win the next election. The Mayor of London spoke about Labour in Power.

This afternoon I attended a Momentum talk  at the World Transformed event. Our own David Carr was speaking about renewable energy and putting the point for Eco Housing and Solar Energy as a way to get more fuel that is cheaper and environmentally friendly. This was well received by those there and a debate followed to discuss ways of putting these ideas across. Suggestions were made as to how we could all keep in touch and how we could make links with other groups like the Greens.

Altogether a rousing day again full of inspiration and hope for a better future.

I also thought it was interesting to note James O’Brien – broadcaster for LBC has publicly acknowledged that Jeremy Corbyn is the  only alternative for Prime Minister to Theresa May. After Corbyn’s huge leadership win over the weekend. He also asks ‘what is so controversial about his policies to help the poor in Britain’.

This is what we have all been saying. He admits that finally in JC we have an alternative way in politics.

Jackie Griffiths

Labour Candidate for Sevenoaks District Council –
Christchurch & Swanley Village Ward

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