Theo Michael meets Jeremy Corbyn

When Theo Met Jeremy

Well on my first day I bump into Hilary Benn and catch up about the EU referendum and when we met.

I then went to a talk by the director of Progress about how to regain the centre group of politics and how we must unite with all sides of Labour.

Then went to conference  hall to see Diane Abbott discuss health and the junior doctors.

At conference hall I saw the labour party candidate for David Cameron former seat.

I saw the shadow minister for education stating our position on the grammar schools.

Saw my old friend Jonathan Ashtworth speak.

Then heard Tom Watson speak to conference about the need for unity in our party and how we can’t just bash our past.

Went to a very interesting meeting about how to win the general election by Jonathan Ashtworth but sadly he had to leave for a NEC meeting half an hour in.

I also met up with former parliamentary candidates Chris Clark and had some drinks. We talk about how we were doing and the party.

Well the first thing I did was watch conference discuss the economy with John McDonnell. Which then led on to Len McLusky the carry the motions.

I also bumped into many MPs like Dan Jarvis, Hilary Benn and Chuka Umunna again.

I then went to a discussion on bring patriotism back into the Labour Party with Stephen Kinnock and Liz Kendel.

I then went to a talk about how Brexit will effect students with the president of the NUS there.

Afterwards I went to a EU rally with Iain McNicol the general secretary and Jeremy Corbyn.

I managed to make Iain laugh when I told him what constituency I was from and how Michael Fallon is our MP.

I went on to make a few friends and contacts at the rally who were very nice.

Sorry, forgot to add that I saw John Prescott too.

Theo Michael

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